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About Us

The Dunning Group is a private equity firm that invests primarily in middle-market companies with strong fundamentals, favorable competitive positions, attractive growth prospects and superior management teams. The Dunning Group seeks to acquire equity or mezzanine debt stakes in middle-market firms where we can add value from our in-house operating professionals and experience.

We have invested in and operated companies in diverse sectors including media (traditional and digital), business services, technology, marketing, industrial, clean tech and energy.


We have extensive relationships in the United States, Europe, Latin America and China with government, business community and industry associations.

Based Investing

Our experienced professionals are responsible for proactively developing investment themes, industry contacts, management relationships, and proprietary investment opportunities. Our proactive and informed approach enables the timely execution of investments and enhances opportunities to add value to portfolio companies.

Complex Situations

We have a long history of embracing complex situations, especially in industries undergoing significant change, and have the ability to commit valuable resources and provide industry-specific insights to companies seeking customized solutions.

Disciplined Investment Process

We adhere to a multi-phase investment process that emphasizes rigorous due diligence, industry analysis, and the development of customized solutions that meet the company's needs.